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Having the perfect cover letter is crucial to a successful Job application. The Cover Letter is the first thing a potential employer will see, it’s your chance to make a great first impression and give yourself the best chance of winning your next position.

Why Should your Job Application include a Professional Cover Letter?

Many potential employers request a Cover Letter for job applications to be attached to your CV when you complete a job application. If there isn’t a professional cover letter when this request is made or often even if the employer doesn’t ask specifically for a cover letter, recruiters may dismiss applications simply because they don’t have one!

Alternatively, A Cover Letter is your first chance to convince a recruiter that your the most suitable candidate for the job. Our professional Cover Letter service is personalised to your career achievements and targeted directly at your targeted roles. We’ll also provide you with the knowledge and resources to easily adapt your Cover Letter for each specific job you apply for.

Learn more – Tips for writing a good cover letter

All our final prices are based on your individual CV and career needs that will be discussed with one of our expert CV writers. Visit our home page for more information or contact us to get your free CV assessment Contact us today!

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